jeudi 19 avril 2018

Big Mama Wyvern

Here it is, TYPHAGGAHW, GWYFERN OF CEREDIGION... Frankly as much as I love Mierce Miniatures for their designs and sculpting, their names remain a mistery to me! My 5 year old son calls it "la maman dragon", which fits more the bill in my mind.
As always, basing is one of my favorite part. Giving context to a miniature is a key factor to show what I have in mind as a whole setup. In this case, I decided to keep in line with the stuff I did around the Storm of Magic period. All about big monsters in rough landscapes!
White clay base with fancy front yard branches
For very large miniature I like to use those old green 80x100 movement trays. They are very rigid and the sides are higher than the center, perfect to add some details lower than ground level such as pooling water.
I pinned the model but did not use magnets for the wings... I might regret that choice some day but the transition from the wings to the body really needs some green stuff to be smoother.
First overall look
Et pour ceux qui pourraient se demander où est passé mon français, j'avais la moitier de rédigé quand j'ai réalisé que j'écrivais en anglais... Meilleure chance la prochaine fois ;)

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